"I had applied for job after job without even making a short list.  When John taught me the techniques explained in his book, I decided  'What the hell!' and applied for a job I thought I had no chance of getting.

I got it on the first interview.  These techniques really are amazing!"

-Melanie Esz

"If more applicants for the jobs we offer used the techniques in this little book, we would waste far less time and have far less difficulty selecting the successful candidate"

- Cameron Medcalf, Managing Director Raine and Horne Rouse Hill
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This no-nonsense book, in just 39 pages, succinctly discloses the incredibly powerful ideas and techniques which will make you an extraordinary candidate for the job you want.

How do I know?

In my early years I applied for many jobs with only average success (I was doing the ordinary things that most applicants do) but I was ambitious so I decided to do some research.  On the pretext of doing a thesis, I interviewed dozens of employers and employment agencies asking them precisely what, beyond the stated job skill qualifications, would help them decide which candidate to hire for the various jobs they were advertising.

You know what I found? ........................That most of them had no idea!

Most ended up hiring the candidate that left the strongest impression and, all too often, that was the most recent candidate interviewed simply because he or she was "top of mind".  That's fine if you happen to be the most recently interviewed, not so much if you are one of the early interviewees.

That's when I realized that, if I wanted to get better and better jobs, I had to use my application process to lead  the employer to the end result I wanted - hiring me! 

That, in turn, involved learning specific selling skills and techniques and adapting them to applying for jobs.  After all, applying for jobs is simply selling your knowledge skills and personality to prospective employers.

After that, I literally never failed to secure any job for which I applied - and frequently at a higher salary than had been advertised!

Yes, I know that sounds extraordinary, and it was.  You see, I had worked out rule number two and I did the extra-ordinary things that the other candidates failed to do.

Now don't get me wrong.  It took hard work but, if you really want that job, you must be prepared to work for it, and that leads me to ........

Rule number threeIf you really want a job, you have to treat the application process as a job in itself  and as an audition for the job you want.

As I said before, most applicants either don't know how or can't be bothered putting in the effort to be an extraordinary candidate - and that gives you a huge advantage.

Some years later, I started and ran my own businesses, selecting employees who used the same skills and techniques and ran seminars for employers on selection techniques and what to look for in prospective employees. 

Each of those seminars cost hundreds of dollars and, now that I have retired, I have condensed the information from those seminars into a 39 page essential guide to getting the job you really want.
This way, you can access those same ideas and techniques for just $29.95.

I realise that 39 pages is not a huge book but, after all, if you are trying to get a job you're not looking for reading matter, you are looking for practical steps you can take to ensure that you are the successful applicant.

I mentioned before that you have to use your job application to audition for the job you want.  Most applicants simply send off a form resume and covering letter and hope that, if they get an interview, they will be able to convince the prospective employer that they are qualified to do the job.  Excuse me but..... HO HUM!  As an employer I'm bored just thinking about going through all those applications.

Here's rule number four from my book:  Anyone with basic qualifications can convince an employer that they CAN do the job. What employers really want to know is how well you WILL do the job.

Yes, all the ordinary applicants will TELL employers how hard they will work, what long hours they will put in, how they will use their initiative ....etc. etc.

Extra-ordinary applicants know that, when it comes to applying for jobs, what you DO and how you do it impresses employers far more than what you say. 

If you really want the job, as well as the $29.95 to buy my book, you will need to devote time and effort to implementing the process I lay out, but I guarantee you that it will be worth the investment.

What my book will show you is how to use the application process itself to DEMONSTRATE to a prospective employer how well you will do the job.
Remember I said that employers almost inevitably select the candidate who left the strongest impression?  Well if you take the steps I describe, that will be YOU!

Here's my guarantee

I know, from years of experience, that the ideas and techniques, if you put them into action, will enormously increase your chances of getting that job you really want.  If you read the book within 60 days and you are not excited about it, simply use the email link on the last page of the book to tell me so and I will cheerfully refund your money in full.   You have nothing to lose and a great job to gain.

And here's another offer to show you how serious I am about helping you get the job you really want.  I realize that a 39 page book, although it covers all the essentials, cannot possibly give you all the information that you would gain from a full day seminar so, once you have read the book and begun to apply the ideas, if you have any questions or you would like further advice or explanation of any of the techniques, send your questions via the email link on the last page and I will answer them personally.

Have a healthy and prosperous future.